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headshotWhat is photography to me?  I would have to say that it is memories.  Photography allows me to freeze moments in time; feelings, emotions, an idea, an image; and help keep those moments around forever.  As someone who has lost most of their long term memory and has trouble with short term memory photography and the photos that I create help me to remember things that have happened, provide a way for me to reconnect with places I have been and situations that I have been involved in.  That is what I try to bring to the clients that I work with.  Whether it is doing product photography and trying to tell a story with the photos I create, portrait sessions and freezing a small moment in time to help someone look their best, or wedding photography and memorializing the couples special day it’s all about the memories that are created.


As a person I am a 36 year old freelance photographer out of Sheridan, OR.  I have a strong background in IT both from a hardware perspective as well as software development.  I currently freelance as a small business IT professional called Yeti Cave Studio.   One of my biggest hobbies has been miniature wargaming, especially Warhammer 40k.  I think this is what really got me into photography as I wanted to help people document and show off the amazing and beautiful work that was put into painting their models.